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Developing & Sourcing Innovative Products

We develop and manufacture our own products, source wholesale products, and drop ship products. With all of these business operations, we always seek out suppliers and manufacturers we can build strong, long-term relationships.

Henry Reinders

Founder - OWNER


What We Do Best

We develop and maintain long-term relationships (cooperation) working directly with Chinese and other Asian companies  to drop ship products for us to the USA, Canada, Australia and Western Europe.

Our primary focus is high end leather and hemp products, as well as other small luxury consumer goods that can be shipped affordably to our markets.

Through additional outside investors we are now in the process of purchasing wholesale industrial woodworking machinery, and products in the green energy sector for distribution in Canada and the USA.

Phase one is the purchase and testing of products. Once proven reliable and safe, these will be sold and distributed in North America.

We are an innovative company and are currently developing products for the travel industry. Our first line of luggage will be ready for sale mid to late 2022.

Additionally, we are taking other ideas to CNC machining, industrial 3D printing & mold injection companies in China to prototype for testing and hope to bring these innovative products to market by 2023.

Our Business Philosophy

Trust & Cooperation

It goes without saying that any business relationship must be profitable for both sides. We believe this 100% and work hard to establish healthy and transparent business relationships that benefit both parties equally.

Our number one goal when establishing a new cooperation is to build trust and transparency first. Product pricing and supply agreements are also important, but we always seek out companies with owners and management we like to work with – even if the cost of product is higher to begin with, in the long-term, a solid trustworthy business relationship will cost less and ensure more profit for both parties.

Our business goals are long-term and we will work with companies for many years, maybe decades – It is very important to us that we like the people we will be working with – and vice versa.

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